Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching up from Sept- Dec San Antonio!!

Hello everyone!! Wow has it been a busy few months! I can't believe I have not posted an update since right after school started!! We have been doing so much!

The first thing we did was take a trip! Jason had to go to San Antonio for a week long seminar. I have a flexible work schedule, so it was arranged that we would go with him. This was going to be Gwyn's first plane ride!! We told her she was going to ride in an airplane and the first thing she said was "To go see Aunt Brooke?" (we told her in July after we saw Brooke for the holidays that we would go on vacation to Montana and see Aunt Brooke. She talked about this every day!!) We had to explain that the Montana trip would come later. This time we were going to San Antonio. She was very excited to go on a plane.
Here she is on the plane.

Then we had a layover in Houston and got on another plane. She was tired.........

While we were in San Antonio Gwyn and I shopped and played everyday almost ALL day!! Jason was in class each day from 8-5 so we would have breakfast with him, then go to the room and relax (she watched tv or played while I worked a little bit). Then Jason would come to the room for lunch. After lunch Gwyn and I would shop, play, swim, site see, just in general have some great Mommy and Gwyneth time.... I LOVED THIS! In the evenings we would go on the riverwalk and eat dinner and then just enjoy time together. This was a WONDERFUL time for us!!

Here are some pictures from this vacation:
At the Alamo
Petting the horses (Gwyn wanted to pet EVERY horse we saw!)
Trolley ride

Gwyn really enjoyed the vacation and did not really want to go back to school once we returned. We both got a little spoiled from spending ALL of our time together! She quickly got back into her routine and all is wonderful now! She still loves school and is learning so much from Miss Jenny.

I will post more later on the other things we have been doing since school started!!
Love to everyone!!

Christmas Day 2 and 3

I am trying to get pictures on here each day of her opening her gifts, so far the record isn't great, but I will get better.
So far she has gotten:
Day 1 Computer
Day 2 Digital Camera
Day 3 Doll House Night stand
I dont have pictures of her opening the computer because there were technical difficulties witht the camera (read: dead batteries). When she got the night stand she had just woken up and wanted us to take a picture later.... I will post one tomorrow!

SOOOO you have a couple of pictures of her with her new camera....
She is having so much fun and taking lots of pictures (of the couch mainly).... I will post some of her pictures when I can get her camera!!

She took her computer to school today for show and tell. She had fun showing it to her friends.

Check back tomorrow for new pictures!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we updated this blog... Sorry about that, we have been very busy so there are many things to tell you about.
We have a tradition here that Gwyn gets presents from Mommy and Daddy for the twelve days before Christmas, one present a day and then Santa comes to visit on Christmas Eve.
Her fist present was a toy laptop from V-Tech. She has wanted this for a VERY long time. Since she sees mommy work at home all the time, she wants to work too! She could tell us what store, what dept, what aisle to find the laptop and she could tell us what color she wanted. She is VERY specific! So, that is what she got for day 1. I don't have the picture of her opening it downloaded to the computer yet so I will post it with tomorrow's picture of what she gets tonight!
We hit another milestone last night.... we bought a big girl booster seat for the car....no more car seats...Mommy is kind of sad, I blink and my baby is a big girl! However, very excited that some little feet will not be right in the back of my head anymore when I am riding in the car!!
We are really getting excited for this weekend, we have our family Christmas in KC. I just love getting to see everyone (or almost everyone, we will miss those that don't make it..... )
We stay very busy around here trying to soak up everything we can in this almost 3 year old girls life!!
Just for some laughs:
Gwyn says great things all the time that make me laugh I will try to get on here more often and share them, but for now, here is her latest!

Singing holiday songs for her program at school: Gwyn" Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is four!"
Check back soon! I will update this even if its just a picture of her opening her present each day, I will post for each day until Christmas!!
Love to all!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cute girl

NOTE: This blog update is from momma, she's feeling kind of sentimental today, beware!!

Every once in a while I look at Gwyn and just smile, I just can't believe she's my baby girl! She is so amazing to me and does so many great things. She really keeps us on our toes because she is SO FUNNY!
This weekend we went to dinner with some friends that reminded me of something I saw in one of my baby books, you can measure a child's height at 2 and double it, that is the height they will grow to..... Gwyn was 3ft tall on her 2nd birthday! Yes, she should grow to be 6 feet tall..and yes, she can dribble a ball :-) Thinking about this, she could be
    Yesterday we were in the car on the way to church and she was singing with her CD (like ALWAYS). If you have ever been around Gwyn when she sings, you know that she sings in different voices, she sings like a monster (really deep voice with cute faces to go along) like a diva (Mirah Carey has nothing on my girl....) and then in a normal voice. Well, on the way to church, she was singing and finished the song in a really high pitch, I asked her if that was her diva finish, she said "no momma" and then sang in an even higher pitch..... "that is" I about lost it!
    Last night for dinner Jason had cooked some new noodles, they were in 3 different colors. She separated the colors to eat them and as she put them in her mouth she would close her eyes and chew them up. After she swallowed she would open her eyes again, she did this with all three "flavors" I asked her if they tasted better with her eyes closed, she said (with a very straight face) Yes and closed her eyes to eat some more!

    Today she wanted her hair in "2 pony tails" so that is what I did and I just had to take a picture because she looks SO CUTE!
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dress Up and Puppy Love

Good Morning everyone!
Gwyn has received many special gifts in her short life time. One is the people that love her. Her Godmother, Kyung Won (or Aunt K Dub) loves her and thinks of her at all times! This summer she went home to Korea for her sister's wedding. She brought back with her a hand made Han Bok(I think I spelled that right...) for Gwyn. This is a formal Korean dress. It is absolutely beautiful! Gwyn put it on when she first got it and I got to snap some pictures. Aunt K Dub is in the pictures with her. Aren't they beautiful?

Gwyn loves to watch cartoons and one of her favorites, thanks to Granny, is Yo Gabba Gabba. Well, yesterday she got a Yo Gabba Gabba costume for playing dress up. I had to wash it immediately and let her wear it. She likes to play dress up!!

Gwyn also loves her animals. Boston, our golden retriever that we got when I was 4 months pregnant has bonded with her since the very moment we brought him home. He was very protective of me when I was pregnant and now he lets her do just about anything she wants to do to him because he knows SOMEWHERE in all the torture, he is going to get petted! They love each other. She also has a stuffed toy dog that she takes just about everywhere as well. This morning she was eating breakfast and watching Seasame Street when I walked out and saw this, HAD to run back and get the camera.

I hope everyone has a great day!
Love to all my family and friends!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School and Friends

Hello everyone! Well, I had my first day in the 2 year old classroom at school yesterday! It was so much fun. Mommy had to take lots of pictures of me before school yesterday.... At first I was just fine and having fun smiling for her

But a girl has her limits.... Mommy just had to take one more.....

I think Mommy got the idea that I was DONE with pictures, let's go to school already!!!

So after that we went to school and I got to see some of my good friends that I had not seen all summer. I was really happy about that. I sat right down and started playing but had to get up because Mommy wanted a hug and kiss goodbye. There were no tears this year (from either of us!!)

I go to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some kids go MWF and some go T Th so I get to see a whole new bunch of kids on Tuesdays!!
When we walked in today, my Uncle Dan's nephew who is just a couple of days younger than me was in my class!!! Mommy said it was Dan and Shannon all over again just starting a few years early! We sat down and started playing together. I bet Mommy brings a camera next Tuesday so stay tuned for some pictures of me and Uncle Dan's nephew!!!

I have one friend that was born a few months before me and we go to school and church together, we have been friends the entire time and she got to come over last week for my first play date!! We played and played and then we helped Mommy clean up all the mess without even being asked. Mommy said that I can have Safi over anytime I want. Here are some pictures from the playdate (come on, you KNEW she took pictures of it)
I really like playing with Safi, she is a good friend!
Check back soon to see what else I have been up to! I am sure there will be lots of stories to tell.
Love to all of my family and friends,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life of a 2 1/2 year old

Hello everyone!! As usual, I look on here and see that is has been a really long time since I last updated! I apologize again!!
We are really busy and Gwyneth is just doing so much all the time. She is so much fun and constantly amazes us (while she cracks us up!!)
She is getting ready to start her last year of Mother's Day Out...next year is preschool! We are very excited about this year and think that she is going to have so much fun. We found out that Tuesdays are going to be "THE DAY" at school this year, all of her friends are there with her on that day, please keep Mrs Jenny in your thoughts on Tuesdays!

Gwyn has a big girl bed now. We got her a full size bed! She is fully potty trained during the day and we are working on the night time, pretty close there too!
Gwyn's babysitter went back to college so she has been spending time with Granny and Grandma which equals BIG TIME SPOILING! She is loving it!!

Gwyn got some new pads to protect her when riding her bike.... she loves to wear them.
Gwyn has entered the 2 year old "WHY stage" she is very inquisitive. I try very hard not to say "because Mommy said so" but sometimes that really is the answer!
She is really enjoying her music right now. She loves to sing and dance! Especially after bath time each night.
After visiting family on the 4th of July she has been totally in love with her Aunt Brooke and Baby Matine Howell. (You cannot just say Matine, she corrects you, it's Baby Matine Howell!") She can't wait to go visit them on vacation, so Brooke and Peter- this is your official announcement, our next vacation will be in Montana, whenever we get to finally take one, we will be there!!!
She is learning to make decisions around the house, she has planned our dinner menu each night this week so far! I ask her what meat she wants and she tells me, then we go through vegetables and whatever else, she makes the decisions!!! This is good for me and Jason because we can never decide!
 She loves to work around the house. I have learned that the way to get her toys picked up is to tell her that she can help me with laundry or sweeping or cooking (basically any chore other than picking up toys) if she will pick up her toys. She always picks up very quickly so she can help me! I am hoping that she doesn't outgrow this!
Her favorite thing to do on Saturday's is to visit the bookstore. She likes going there more than she likes getting toys. She loves to sit with her baby dolls and stuffed animals and read to them! It is so cute to watch!
I dont have any new pictures to post because I cant find my memory card from my camera! I will find it and post some pictures soon!!